Where on earth is my soulmate?

Where on earth is my soull mateSomeone defined a soulmate as ‘a person you look for all your life and when you eventually find them it was worth the wait’.  We all seek a relationship that brings out the best in us. A relationship where we know that neither of us is perfect but we are perfect for each other.

You might ask, ‘Does this mean that there is only one soulmate for me?’ No, but when you meet such a person you should feel like no one else can fulfil you like they do. Don’t buy into the mindset that your best opportunity is behind you. The fact that you did not recognise a potential soulmate in your past does not disqualify you from a fulfilling relationship in the future.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind as you trust God for a soulmate:




You are smart, savvy and single.

You know that finding the love that’s right for you is not going to be a serendipitous accident.

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Be strategic in your positioning

Don’t look for penguins in the Sahara. If you want to meet godly men or women, go where they are. If your lifestyle is isolating you from the sort of person you would like to marry, you could benefit from a repositioning. There is no point in shining your light where no one can see it. You might need to step outside your comfort zone to expand your circle of friends.

Adjust your filter

We all have a subconscious filter with which we filter the people we meet daily. As you meet single members of the opposite you are subconsciously filtering them and neatly categorising them into ‘could be’ and ‘could never be’ categories. If your filter is faulty and you focus on the wrong things, you might strain out the right people and admit the wrong people into your life. Be careful not to judge people superficially. What you need is true love and when you find it you will discover that the package in which it comes is much less relevant than you might have thought.

Broaden your horizons

Prejudice constricts your opportunities. Be aware of what your prejudices are doing to your social life. If your circle of friends is completely homogenous and made up of people just like you, you might be missing out on some of the richness life has to offer. Your soulmate may come from a continent which is a world apart from yours or may have a different background from you. Put aside your prejudices about age, race and background. Love can be found in unlikely places.

Be open minded about God’s methods

Don’t let romantic fantasies rob you of a God ordained relationship. You might meet your soulmate in decidedly unromantic circumstances. He or she might even be a childhood friend you have overlooked. You might be introduced by a mutual friend or…horror of horrors…by a family member! We all want to be independent and have DIY relationships but many times marriage is a community project. I remember a young man who protested vehemently to me because his aunt had introduced him to someone; he was convinced she was trying to match-make him. He has now been happily married to the same woman for a decade.

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Where on earth is my soulmate?
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